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What Is a Good Credit Score for Mortgage Approval?

Credit score is a principal factor that lenders consider when you apply for a mortgage. It may be disconcerting that home ownership hinges, at least in part, on a hard-to-remember number. There are different types of mortgages from which to choose. Each of the major programs has a minimum credit score requirement. This table lists Read more about What Is a Good Credit Score for Mortgage Approval?[…]

Don’t Miss These Top Car Insurance Tips

How do you get the best car insurance deal? Of course, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” bill. Plus what works for your friend won’t necessarily work for you. How do you ensure you get good value for your money? What do you watch out for? Most importantly, how do you protect yourself from overpaying on insurance Read more about Don’t Miss These Top Car Insurance Tips[…]

How To Prep For Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

What Is a Homeowners Insurance Policy? A homeowners insurance can be defined as a form of property insurance that’s designed to protect your home against any damages to your house, or to the possessions in your home. Homeowners insurance also does provide liability coverage against any accidents in your home. In other words, homeowners insurance Read more about How To Prep For Your Homeowners Insurance Policy[…]

Homeowners Insurance: Plan for the unexpected 

Homeowners insurance is a form of financial protection provided to mitigate against disasters. It is mainly a package policy for insuring the home and the things or items kept in it. It mainly covers property damage. Additionally, it can also cover legal responsibility or liability if there is any property damage or injuries caused by Read more about Homeowners Insurance: Plan for the unexpected […]

Is Identity Theft Protection a Waste of Money?

We live in a day and age where identity theft has gone mainstream. While a few decades ago there were very few pishing attacks, viruses and hackers, today the number of digital threats has reached an astounding level. Hackers have even made their own organizations, such as Anonymous, Syrian Electronic Army, Chaos Computer Club or Read more about Is Identity Theft Protection a Waste of Money?[…]

Why Identity Theft Insurance Matters

Statistics indicate that identity theft is one of the most reported crimes in the United States. However, most of us have no idea what identity theft is. So, what exactly is identity theft? Identity theft also called identity fraud is the deliberate impersonation of another person mostly with an aim of either accessing their finances Read more about Why Identity Theft Insurance Matters[…]

What Car Insurance Deductible Should I Choose? 

  When you are buying insurance for your car, one of the major things you will need to decide on has got to do with the deductibles. There exist several factors that will affect your decision on car insurance deductible. But, why do car insurance companies charge a deductible and what is it? What’s a Read more about What Car Insurance Deductible Should I Choose? […]