The Top 10 Weirdest Insurance Policies

The Top 10 Weirdest Insurance Policies

We’ve all heard of the usual insurance policies you might want to take out: car, life, home, and even pets. These everyday insurance policies are entered into and paid out without the blink of an eye. So, what about those that are a little off center? Celebrities have long insured some of their most prized features for insane amounts, but there are also some unknown policies out there that are just as strange.

You’re probably no stranger to the rumor of the Jennifer Lopez insurance policy that covers her backside, literally, so we’ve rounded up some more of the other unusual insurance policies that you’ll have to read to believe.

Here is our list of the 10 weirdest insurance policies ever taken

#1: Riot Insurance

Visiting any foreign country is certainly a risk that we take in order to get the reward of adventure, but there’s one country that wants to make it even more appealing for tourists to visit. Thailand has been host to numerous attacks and riots that occur throughout the year, and this bustling tourist town doesn’t want that to get in the way of a good holiday. The Thai government offers a $10,000 insurance payout for tourists who are involved in a riot, making it a little more enticing to visit this risky country.

Insurance Riot

#2: Tom Jones’ Chest Hair

One of the original and weirdest celebrity insurance policies of all time has to come from crooner Tom Jones. Lloyds of London is responsible for the policy which will pay out millions of dollars in the event that anything happens to his precious chest hair, but now that he’s well into his seventies it may be that there’s little left to insure.

Tom Jones Chest Hair Insured

#3: Heidi Klum’s Legs

There’s no doubt that a supermodel’s legs are the most important part of their bodies, so when word came out that Heidi Klum insured hers for just over a million dollars in 2004. The strangest thing about this policy, though, was that her right leg was valued at more than her left leg. If anything happens to it then the payout will be more sizeable for that side. The drop in price was apparently due to a scar on her left leg, meaning one wasn’t as valuable in terms of looks.

Heidi Klums

#4: Alien Abduction

It may sound strange that you need to be protected from an alien abduction. And, it might sound even stranger that a reported 20,000 American citizens are covered by a policy of this kind currently. Not only can you get coverage to be protected by alien abduction, but there are extras available that can protect against possible impregnation from said aliens. Seen as somewhat of a joke, some insurers still offer this protection in the form of a one time premium as the chance of it ever being paid out is slim.

Alien Abduction Scenes

#5: Gambling Losses

Although the whole point of gambling is to take a risk, that doesn’t mean people haven’t tried to protect themselves against the inevitable losses. Two inventors once received a patent for a machine that could be set up inside of a casino or gaming lounge where a punter could select an amount of coverage for themselves. Although only applicable to excessive losses, the machine was never actually tested out in a casino.

Insurance Gambling

#6: Ghost Insurance

Our obsession with ghosts and spirits seems to be taken one step further with ghost insurance. This insurance can protect you from death or permanent disability as a result of a ghost attack. The first instance of this insurance being taken out was in a UK bar where one of the patrons believed they saw a ghost wandering around. The management wanted to cover their staff for any potential injuries from the spirit.

Insurance Against Ghosts

#7: America Ferrera’s Teeth

Ugly Betty star, American Ferrera, had her teeth and gums insured for a whopping $10million when she signed up for a deal with Aquafresh White Trays. This was an insurance policy covered by Lloyds of London and covered any necessary dental treatment during the time she was paired with the cosmetic dental brand. Aquafresh White Trays took out the policy on her behalf and Ms. Fererra was reportedly flattered to learn that her teeth were worth that much.

America Ferrera's Teeth

#8: Immaculate Conception

There hasn’t been a famous case of immaculate conception since the times of the Bible, however, one insurance company from the UK covered a lady for a virgin birth in recent years. The policy covered costs relating to raising a child that would be born out of immaculate conception. However, after six years of paying premiums, the insurance company was forced to cancel her policy due to pressure from the community and church groups.

Jesus Conception

#9: David Beckham’s Injury Protection

One of the most famous sportsmen to ever get insurance for their body is David Beckham, who had his whole career insured for $151 million. This insurance policy protects him against life-threatening injury that might permanently put him out of the game, and when he had his famous knee surgery many wondered if he would be getting that payout after people questioned his recovery.

David Beckham Insurance

#10: Rod Stewart’s Voice

A singer with a little more substance to his insurance policy is Rod Stewart, who had his voice insured for around $6 million. Rod Stewart is in his seventies now, but still regularly performs and does world tours, so it’s no wonder that he wants his voice protected.

Rod Stewart Insurance

The Exciting World of Insurance

No longer will you look at insurance as a dull necessity, as these weird insurance facts show you that there can be some fun in risk management. Although the everyday person isn’t likely to need their hair insured or protection from alien abduction, there are some smarter ways that you can protect yourself and your loved ones.